Thursday, 3 March 2011

Red Peter's Way Out

Red Peter swinging

Based on Ian Johnston’s translation of Franz Kafka’s A Report To An Academy, Red Peter’s Way Out is a one-hander stage production focused on the complexities of identity in post – apartheid South Africa. The adaptation presents an opportunity for the audience to reflect on their own layered identities as co-created by society.
Asked to make a report about his past life as an ape, Red Peter instead decides to make a report about his current life. In his report Red Peter's contests that his historical identity cannot be held against him or define him as a being. He largely questions the notion of prejudging one’s identity based on their physical outward appearance. Red Peter’s journey was ignited by finding a way out of a cage he was confined to after his capture. Has this ‘way out’ un-caged his identity?

Tony as Red Peter

Adapted and Directed by:  Phala Ookeditse Phala

Phala Ookeditse is currently pursuing his Master in Dramatic Art (Performance Studies) at Wits University. Phala has directed several theatre productions and radio dramas. His recent directing credits include assistant director to John Kani in Shakespeare’s Othello (2010) and directing Tsepo Wa Mamatu’s Mbeki and Other Nightmares for the National Arts Festival (2010). 

'I just wanted a way out of the cage'

Cast: Tony Bonani Miyambo

Tony Miyambo is currently completing the fourth year of his Bachelor of Dramatic Arts at Wits University. Tony has performed in several productions over the last three years in collaboration with the institution. His highlights include; Chakalaka and Mayonnaise (2008) – workshoped piece, Something Out Of The Ordinary (2009) – directed by Pusetso Thibedi, Reservoir Dogs (2009) – directed by Keiran Reid, Mbeki and Other Nightmares (2010) – directed by Tsepo Wa Mamatu/Phala Ookeditse and Façade (2010) – directed by Bailey Snyman.


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